Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Cook?

Jersey Thin Stalked Asparagus in the Cast Iron. Quick, simply and tastier than boiled.

For your health - both physically and mentally. Physically it is the single best way to control weight.  The famous series of books Eat This! Not That! has opened the eyes to HOW food is prepared in both fast food drive thrus and major chain franchises that love to pour on the taste that sky rockets the amount of calories, sodium and carbohydrates so you go" yummy", and order another with a cool sugary drink to wash it down.  This is not food, it's not even eating; it is a belly pacifier gone wild, beyond satisfaction and more akin to Caligula’s food orgies.
Cooking for yourself  (and loved ones)addresses this. Buckminster Fuller said that you should never address a problem by fighting its reality but by changing to a new model that makes the problem model obsolete. So instead of trying to eat at a chain or fast food restaurant with a heart health (yeah right) menu or a salad stripped of its nutrients but not pesticides. Change the problem model and learn to cook. Besides learning a new skill to keep the brain cells happy, cooking will improve the quality of your diet instanty and only get better as we learn about real ingredients.

Studies have shown that although people throughout the world eat different diets, the one constant among them for health and longevity has been that they all ate Real food and NOT factory processed food.  Simply.   We will look at how to start, and what to cook.  More to Come 

Take me to your Liter !

Fried Eggs to scare even Doctor Who in the morning. 

So, who likes crisp browned edges on their fried eggs?  

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