Friday, May 20, 2011

Diet thoughts

Three diet tips you can use today.
I will be discussing “diets” in future posts but a few quick thoughts. Any new eating approach will result in a ten to fifteen pound weight lost in the first week. The first week of a diet, the food choice changes as to what you have been eating will allow your intestinal tact to undergo a small detox. You cleaned out a lot of bowel movement, you lose a little water weight and now you are ready to step in front of the camera and endorse this wonder diet. Losing waste and water weight won’t repeat itself week after week. Four weeks won’t be forty pounds, Yeck, you might even gain a few pounds.  So, what to do?
Real foods, no labels.

1-     Get naked - look at yourself in the mirror and forget about the scale. I’m convinced people don't care what number shows up on the scale (as if we glue it to your forehead) but they do love how their clothes seem to become larger as their body shrinks to a proper weight.  How do we shrink the body?
2-      Stop eating WHITE foods. No sugar, no enriched white flour products, no starches.  If these foods are the bulk of your diet than you do need an intervention.  Start slow with one group then add another. Explore how your body feels- make a few notes. Detoxing clean of cheap white carbs will cause your body to get very very pissed off at you- it is their drug of choice. It loves having a bag of chips ready to go as you switch channels, it wants the supersize French Fries. Carbs cause cravings. You will never get enough of them to satisfy your body.  Your body has a survival mode and will turn all the carbs your blood doesn’t use into fat cells. Protein ( beef, fish, eggs, diary) doesn’t turn into fat cells unless extreme (an athlete who no longer trains) or Fat (coconut, egg yolks, olive oil, butter- even saturated fat from animal proteins) do not turn into fat cells. The carbs do and the body wants them. Excessive carbs become…drum roll… Cholesterol.  Want lower HDL and LDLs?  Then seriously cut back on carbs.  As I say- "Fear the Bread not the Butter!"
3-     Stop counting calories-  this only leads to failure because the food portionswill be way to small, usually mere greens and tiny fake industrial “snacks”  Cut back on those white foods and enjoy some real honest non-industrial food.  The calories will fall into place without the counting. Changes are you are subtracting the wrong calories so cut back on wheat and wheat products, sugars and you arte good to go.   And.....  No exercise program will fix a bad diet.  “It’s all about the diet, silly”  

Recap-  Get off  the scale- let your clothes inspirer you.
Cut back on the white crap- this will not be easy at first but keep looking in the mirror. 
Stop counting calories- it leads to failure.   Be a JERF- Just Eat Real Food.  

One last thought. Please go have your blood sugars tested. Start witrh the simple fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) at any doctor's office. This will tell you how much Carbohydrates you can eat. It is simply and doesn't hurt.  In our lifetime, or say your children's lifetime 3 out of 4 people will be diabete or pre-diabete (if they even know).

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