Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Food no longer has value in our society. We buy it boxed or bagged. It comes pre-cooked and processed for shelf life. Taste is added chemically. We eat behind a steering wheel while talking on a Bluetooth burning fuel from red light to red light.  We eat to fill our bellies just to pacify it for a few hours and we eat this junk at blazing speeds, gorging on starchy carbs like a drug addict creating hunger and cravings with every bite. No wonder we are obese and pre-diabetic.  Food, Socrates said, is our medicine, and we treat it like porn. It looks good, tastes good - more please, with no regard to the consequences. 
Two years ago I was very diabetic, and obese and ate as such.  I have learned a lot since then. I will attempt to share what I learned.  Be pre-pared -what you think is healthy probably isn't. Lets explore the joy and flavor of real food, the honest ingredients we have long forgotten, and some cooking skills to use them.   


  1. You're on your way, Michael! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Pamela, can use your help. I write like a drunk with fat fingers.