Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4225 is for Avocado

Avocados might be the sexiest food allowed to be eaten in public, its rich golden creamy buttery flesh melts in your mouth. This ancient Mayan symbol of fertility and first made into Ahuacatlmole (our Guaucamole) by the Aztecs, avocados are the plant kingdom's gift of essential FAT to the world’s diet. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, the Hass avocado form Mexico would be it. As wonderful as the smell of Bacon or the first bite into a gourmet Hamburger and fall of the bone braised leg of lamb are, I would still pick this wonderful little package of golden butter- the avo.

creamy golden buttery good

 Used as butter in South Africa, Brazilians make ice cream, while Ecuadorians make soup (me too) from them.  The best way to eat an avocado is to slice around the pit and separate it into two halves. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh- don’t rush- if you happen to cut one open on that perfect day it is succulent, ripe and it looks like the picture to the right  You really have something special.  Use the heel of a chef knife to remove the pit.  The hole now becomes a bowl to fill with shrimp or tuna. Try some goat cheese and diced beets. Or the avo can be sliced and layered in a martin glass with seafood, a touch of coconut milk and lime. It is called a Ritz served as an hor devour. You don’t have to wait for a warm humid night in bed under a ceiling fan to share one with someone awesomely significant, but please have some ready. It just doesn’t have to be guacamole. The first thing I do when I open a cook book is turn to the index and look at the bottom of the A section and discover a new way to eat them.  Enjoy but save me some- its 4225 on the food code scanner. 

Soon, recipes will be added as well as video instruction and interview with food experts.  Let me learn.   

Beet and Goat Cheese Ritz

Two fat ready to enjoy avocados

The well traveled Avo Pit

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