Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fancy Food Show- rough draft preview

SORRY for this delay but I experienced a flash card corruption, as much as I hate working on video tape, it never corrupted. I am working through this and shouild have these completed soon. 

More to come from the Fancy Food Show including a few videos:

Cute, yes-  serving Austraian Coffee

lower level- section B

Philadelphia's own Guy Mitchell, of the White House Chef Tour, at the Fancy Food Show.

We ate the most incredible pork from acorn -fed pigs. It was the finest in the world. And soon to be available in the USA

  It was so good - so clean and pure- we ate it like carpaccio, raw.  I want more.

I loved this quilty frozen pleasure from India- Kulfi- like ice cream.

Kulfi- Frozen treat of India by way of Dallas

 Great French Champagne badly in need of an importer-  I'd buy it all the time.

Forget-Brimont Grand Cru- tasty

Biolive Oilve Oil from Argentina - also needs to be imported to the US.
 Best tasting Olive oil of the day.

Wonderful Oilves and garlic, but I don't think these ladies really weanted to get out of their chairs.

Chef at work - Koren Pop Up restaurant- very nice. 

and my ride home: