Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mollet - the perfect soft yolked egg

gooey, succulent rich orange healthy yolks

Everyone claims to have the secret to cooking the perfect egg.  Working years to perfect their eggy-weggs into nirvana perfection. Let me set the record straight- this took only 6 minutes before I recognized NIRVANA- So if you may, let me introduce to you the creamy rich orange yolk of the 6 minute Mollet. 
Hard boil eggs have soild yolks and soild whites, boil them too long and you have rubbery whites. Soft boiled eggs have runny yolks and runny whites. Mollets, have soild whites and thick rich creamy deep orange yolks from pastured eggs, of course, from hens that roam and fed under the sky, eat bugs and cluck happily in the sunlight.  

 Three eggs warmed to room temperature – a warm bowl of water for a few mins will take the chill of them.  (keeps them from cracking in the water- and if they do- no big deal the inside is still near perfect.)
Do you see the "Duck"?

 Salt a pot of water then boil it to a nice roll.
Set eggs in water with a wooden spoon or tong.
Reduce heat to medium without losing much of the boil
Time eggs for 6 minutes. Pull early not late for the drain.
Drain water and rattle the eggs in the pot to gently crack the shells,
add cold water, drain  add cold water and a handful of ice.

The crack in the shells will allow the cold water to seep between the shell and the membrane to facilitate easy peeling of the egg. Old eggs (supermarket) peel easy. Farm fresh eggs do not. The slight crack makes all the difference in the world

Let chill for 2 to 3 minutes, then peel and serve, so they are still warm.  Add salt, a friend and you are set. Where’s that avocado?   


  1. Hi Michael,
    I came across your link over at Jimmy Moore's site. It looks as though we share a similar food philosophy. Although I became a real food convert a few years ago I am relatively new to low carb/ primal eating. Feel free to check out my sight. I look forward to ready more of your posts!

  2. Hello Chris, I have no idea where this blog is going. I have yet figured out what I I am doing or what the focus is. I hope to stumble upon it soon. I want to do some cooking demonstrations but need a better looking kitchen. I'm working on that as well as getting more personal with it. I don't want it to be just a photography blog.

    I'm a low carber and although I love my Paleo Brethern, it has become too much of a dogma. Everything I do is for my diabetes and if cooking real food that falls outside the paleo realm and doesn't effect my blood sugars, I'll cook with it. I will visit your site a few more times and "borrow" a few ideas. I need 'em.